2014 NBA Draft Prospects That Could Slide on Draft Day

By Evan Caulfield on June 23, 2014

2014 nba draft prospects

Just imagine sitting in the green room, waiting to hear your name called momentarily, only to watch your fellow peers continually get selected one by one while you sit there wondering when exactly you’ll leave.

Welcome to the first hand perspective of a sliding NBA Draft prospect, one that was supposed to be selected in a brief amount of time, but is instead forced to sit akwardly, awaiting to hear his name called for what seems like hours.

Over the years many players have endured this moment, from stars like Gilbert Arenas to even last year with 76ers big man Nerlens Noel who dropped to sixth.

But which prospects will endure it this year? Read on to see which ones have the potential to slide on draft day.

Kyle Anderson, UCLA, 6’9″, PG/SF

‘Slo-Mo’ has one of the most unique skill sets out of all prospects in the draft, possessing the passing and ball handling abilities of a point guard, but the size and length of a small forward.

The issue is his foot speed and lateral movement also live up to that nickname, which have worried many scouts about whether he’ll be able to defend NBA forwards or point guards efficiently at the next level.

With a flood of safer small forwards available in the mid-first round, expect to see Anderson slide into the mid 20’s, as teams will hesitate selecting a player that doesn’t even have a definite position.

Dario Saric, Croatia, 6’10”, PF/SF

Things looked great for Dario Saric a few weeks before the draft, as the international big man was slated to go in the late lottery and had a plethora of teams interested in his services.

That is until a few days ago…

Out of nowhere Saric decided to sign a 3-year deal with Turkish club Anadolu Efes, solidifying his status as a draft and stash candidate, which could end up putting a major dent in his stock.

We’ve seen international studs like Fran Vasquez never enter the league after signing hefty deals overseas, so you have to believe many teams will consider passing on Saric due to the risk he never plays.

Jerami Grant, Syracuse, 6’8″, SF/PF

Physically speaking, Grant has everything you want in a small forward.

  • -Humongous wingpan (7’2″), check
  • -Good size (6’8″), check

However offensively he still has much to work on, as he really possesses a power forward’s offensive game in a small forward’s body, which won’t translate well against NBA level forwards.

Given his relatively raw skill set and lack of offensive game, expect Grant to fall out of the first round as teams will opt to go with more NBA ready prospects like Glen Robinson or Cleanthony Early.

Joel Embiid, Kansas, 7’0″, C

Just when we thought injury concerns with Joel Embiid were a thing of the past, news broke a few days ago that he’s unfortunately suffered a stress fracture in his right foot.

Given the history of big men and recurring injuries, this has to make all of the top 3 lottery teams a bit hesitant about selecting the Kansas center, as there’s surely worries that he could become the next Greg Oden.

Whether those concerns translate into a draft day slide is still questionable at this point, but the likeliness of Embiid going first overall seems lower compared to a few weeks ago.

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