2014 NBA Free Agents: Best Bargain Point Guards

By Evan Caulfield on June 18, 2014

2014 NBA Free Agents: Best Bargain Point Guards

Many teams this offseason are in dire need of an upgrade at the point guard position, but lack the necessary cap space to go after a top-tier player like Kyle Lowry or Eric Bledsoe.

Introducing this year’s crop of free agent floor general bargains- players that offer plenty of talent for their position, but go for an asking price that doesn’t break the bank.

And while all of these point guards may not be the next Chris Pauls or Tony Parkers of the NBA, the names listed below still have the capability to start for teams from day one and hold their own at the most star-powered position in the league.

Honorable Mentions: Nate Robinson, Darren Collison, Mario Chalmers, D.J. Augustin, Jordan Crawford, Brian Roberts, Devin Harris, Patty Mills


Shaun Livingston, Brooklyn Nets

Hampered by a knee injury sustained back in his days with the Clippers, Livingston has slowly but surely clawed his way back into the NBA, averaging 11.3 points and 4.4 assists PER 36 minutes in 76 games – the most he’s played in an entire season.

However what was most impressive about his game this year had to be his defensive versatility, as he showcased the ability to effectively guard larger forwards like Kevin Durant and also speedy point guards like Eric Bledsoe.

With Livingston approaching the age of 30 and possessing a long history of injury issues, expect the veteran to receive a deal from the $3-to-5 million-a-year range.

Greivis Vasquez, Toronto Raptors

Greivis Vasquez made a name for himself in his third season, ranking first in total assists and second in assist percentage, solidifying his role as a crafty pass-first point guard for the Pelicans after numerous doubts surrounding his game.

Unfortunately that success was short lived, as he was traded to the Sacramento Kings and eventually the Toronto Raptors, buried on the bench behind stars like Isaiah Thomas and Kyle Lowry, never really given the chance to shine despite his promise.

Vasquez’s defensive shortcomings may hold him back from ever becoming a team’s franchise point guard, but expect one in need of adept passing to give the 6’6″ guard one last shot at a starting job, or at least some decent playing time.

Ramon Sessions, Charlotte Hornets

Ramon Sessions has evolved into one of the most aggressive point guards in the league, generating a majority of his points from the paint and free-throw line despite his increasing age.

But over the last few seasons, the 7-year floor general has continually lost much of his notoriety due to his inflated stats on bottom feeders like the Hornets and Bucks, making many teams question if he could still put up solid numbers in a winning atmosphere.

3 years ago Sessions held his own on the Los Angeles Lakers, averaging nearly 13 points and 6 assists in a star-studded group consisting of Pau Gasol, Kobe Bryant and a healthy Andrew Bynum.

To think he couldn’t put up decent numbers on a contending team honestly sounds silly, given his long track record of consistent production.

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