Former NBA Lottery Picks That Could Be Out of the League by Next Season

By Evan Caulfield on July 27, 2014

former nba lottery picks

Being an NBA player is just as unstable as the stock market. One minute you’re making loads of money living on top of the world, the next you find yourself in foreclosure holding crazy gun parties.

Alright.. maybe that’s only the case for Robert Swift, but by now you get what I mean.

The life of an NBA player is short and sweet.

In fact, a study done in 2013 by Business Insider found that the average career length for a player in the league is 4.8 years. That’s 30 years less than the average physician and 35 less than a high school teacher.

Lottery picks are a different story though.

Compared to the average player, these guys below had a far better shot at lasting in the NBA, receiving ample opportunities to showcase their talents but never quite convincing teams they were worthy of a lengthy deal.

(Just a heads up but players over 30 were ineligible for this list, so sorry Elton Brand, Antawn Jamison and Chauncey Billups)

Honorable Mention: Jan Vesely, 6th pick in the 2010 Draft

Jan Vesely had a reputation for being one of the most notable draft busts in the league, holding career averages of 3.6 points and 3.5 rebounds during his disastrous 3 year career.

If it weren’t for him already signing with Turkish team Fenerbahce Ulker, he’d surely top our list of players destined to be out of the NBA by next season.

Ronnie Brewer, 14th pick in the 2006 Draft

Once projected to be a Manu Ginobli like role player, Brewer was unable to develop into either a superb facilitator or consistent scorer, getting shuffled around the league for 7 years and never finding a defined role with any team.

With many other serviceable forwards available in free agency, it would be shocking to see him receive even a minimum contract, given his lackluster production over the last few years.

Greg Oden, 1st pick in the 2007 Draft

Oden’s career has been a disaster from the minute he was selected by the Blazers, playing only a total of 105 games and suffering from what seems like a million injuries.

In his last stint with the Heat he was unable to play even a quarter of the season, so don’t be surprised to see franchises opt to pass on the hefty injury bills and full fledged medical staff he’ll continually require.

Michael Beasley, 2nd pick in the 2008 Draft

More known for his off court issues and run ins with the law, Beasley hasn’t posted consistent numbers with any team other than the lowly Minnesota Timberwolves during the 2010-2011 season.

Even though he’s reportedly received interest from numerous teams this offseason, the toxic reputation he carries may halt any franchise from giving the former number 2 pick a chance at proving himself.

Ekpe Udoh, 6th pick in the 2010 Draft

A defensive specialist that got way too hyped leading up to the draft, getting selected before future studs like Greg Monroe, Gordon Hayward, Paul George, Larry Sanders and Eric Bledsoe.

Although many teams could use a backup big man of his caliber, his offensive shortcomings may halt him from garnering any interest from this summer and instead force him to go overseas.

Charlie Villanueva, 7th pick in the 2005 Draft

Villanueva’s demise as a player since he joined Detroit has been difficult to watch, as the former UConn star posted career lows in points and field goal percentages during the final year of his unforgettably expensive contract.

I’m sorry to say this, but the chances of him landing a deal next season are as likely as me winning the lottery.

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