NBA Players Who Could Fall Victim to the Amnesty Clause

By Evan Caulfield on June 16, 2014

NBA Players Who Could Fall Victim to the Amnesty Clause

Ahhh the Amnesty Clause.

Added into the newly ratified collective bargaining agreement, this clause allows teams to rid themselves of one player from their roster, without having the remaining portion of the contract count towards the salary cap.

Or in simpler terms, this means a team can waive a player and get cap space even though they’re still paying him.

So far this clause has freed teams of contracts such as Gilbert Arenas’ remaining three-year $62 million deal with the Orlando Magic, or Elton Brand’s $18.1 million in his last year with the Philadelphia 76ers.

But what about this year? Who could wind up getting paid not to play?

Early Eliminations:

  • -Al Horford
  • -Rajon Rondo
  • -Joakim Noah
  • -Mike Conley
  • -Zach Randolph
  • -Kevin Durant
  • -Tony Parker


Lets get one thing straight. There’s no way players like Kevin Durant or Rajon Rondo are getting amnestied. The chances of that happening are as likely as Steve Nash playing 20 more years in the league.

So who does that leave us with? Kendrick Perkins and Carlos Boozer.

Kendrick Perkins, Oklahoma City Thunder

Perk has been the subject of amnesty rumors for the last couple of years, but the Thunder releasing him this offseason makes perfect sense.


Because year-by-year Perkins’ stats have continually gone in a downward trend, as he’s posted his lowest numbers in the last 10 years averaging 3.4 points, 4.9 rebounds and an awful PER of 6.32 this season.

With rookie Steven Adams emerging as a legit big man and Perkins due to make $9.1 million next year, why not off Perkins and invest that money elsewhere… Like in a starting 2-guard or some much needed scoring power off the bench.

Carlos Boozer, Chicago Bulls

Boozer is another player that has been expected to be amnestied for a while, as he’s due to earn $16.8 million next season and continues to lose more minutes to younger teammate Taj Gibson.

And while rumors continue to suggest that this move is already set in stone, it could be heavily impacted by whether or not the Bulls land a superstar like Kevin Love or Carmelo Anthony this offseason.

Per Craig Sager of TNT:    

“Although Carlos Boozer started all 46 games he has played this year, he is down to a career low 2.8 minutes in the 4th quarter. And after Luol Deng was traded to Cleveland earlier this year, Boozer began to wonder about his own future with the team. He told me tonight that he has been assured that he will not be traded by next week’s deadline, nor will the team buy out the final year of his contract this summer unless they can land a superstar which is too good to pass up.”

Only time will tell if Boozer’s reassurance from management was legit or simply a bluff to keep chemistry stable in the locker room. Either way, you have to believe Boozer will be as good as gone after next season if the team decides to hold onto his contract.

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