NBA Players Who Could Retire After This Season

By Evan Caulfield on May 30, 2014

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Father time is an unavoidable point in every player’s career and of course there’s a select few currently in the league that appear on the brink of retirement. Here’s a list of players that may hang up the ropes once the season concludes.

Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs, 38

Tim Duncan has made many accomplishments in his illustrious career, but after losing to the Heat last season, winning one last championship has to be his final goal.

When asked about retirement and whether he’d honor his contract through next season, the Spurs legend told reporters, “I’m taking it game by game.” – leaving little indication as to what his plans are once the playoffs conclude.

My gut tells me if the Spurs can successfully capture the title, Duncan will happily end his career on that note, however that still remains to be seen.

Derek Fisher, Oklahoma City Thunder, 39

Fisher’s accomplishments go far beyond his mediocre averages, as the veteran floor general has hit a total of 8 game-winners in his career, including the infamous 0.4 shot vs. the Spurs.

And while Fish has defied all odds and continued to play at an exceptionally high level well into his 30’s, it appears this season may be his last, with reports indicating he plans to retire once the playoffs come to an end.

With the Knicks in dire need of a new head coach, Fisher could easily transition into a coaching role like Jason Kidd did last year and remain on the sidelines for years to come.

Chauncey Billups, Detroit Pistons, 37

Chauncey ‘Big Shot’ Billups is another veteran with plenty of achievements, winning an NBA Title and Finals MVP back in his glory days with the Pistons, as well as a total of 5 All-Star bids.

However things have been a lot different in recent years for the 17-year point guard, as he’s now designated to a bench role and continues to experience issues with his knees, which may determine whether or not he plays next season.

Via NBC Sports:

“It all kind of depends how this feels and how things are with the knee,” he said.  “If the knee is fine, then sure, absolutely, I would like to come back.  If it’s not, I don’t want to come back and do this.  It’s tough to do this, especially on a team when we’re not a winning team at this stage.”

Billups said he hopes to return but he has to “just kind of see.”

“I’m not gonna rush back.  I do just want to get it better.  But I hope so,” he said, when asked if the objective is to return this year.

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