Why the Pacers Can’t Sign Eric Bledsoe to a Lucrative Deal

By Evan Caulfield on August 2, 2014

Why the Pacers Can't Sign Eric Bledsoe to a Lucrative Deal

Shortly after news broke that Paul George had sustained a severe leg injury during the USA Basketball Showcase, many desperate Pacers fans headed to twitter to suggest the possibility of using the injury exception to sign restricted free agent Eric Bledsoe – a move that has little to no chance of happening.

I’m sorry to ruin your hopes of a successful season Pacers fans, but numbers never lie.

According to HoopsHype, Indiana has about $69 million tied to its roster, which is roughly $9 million under the luxury tax threshold.

Even if they opted to push near the luxury tax (which is highly unlikely since Indiana is a small market team) and use George’s injury exception to go after Bledsoe, they’d still fall short of the Suns proposed four-year $48 million dealwhich is far below what he wants from any team.

Indiana also could only propose a 1 year deal to the Suns point guard with its current roster, since Paul George will return the following season and create a salary cap fiasco that only the Brooklyn Nets can relate to.

Again I’m sorry residents of Indiana, but this upcoming season will just be a tough one to watch. Hopefully George can return to full strength next year and bring you guys back to an elite level once again.

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