Perfect 2014 NBA Draft Prospect for Top 5 Lottery Teams

By Hoops Scoop on February 17, 2014

perfect 2014 draft prospectr

Even though it’s months away, teams at the bottom of the standings are bound to be already reviewing top prospects in a loaded 2014 Draft.

Some squads are looking at players based on pure talent and potential, while others are hoping that maybe one can fill a gap in their lineup and become the perfect match they’ve been searching for.

Please keep in mind this isn’t a mock draft. These are simply the best team-player partnerships for franchises in desperate need of top-tier talent without using the same prospect twice.


Milwaukee Bucks: Jabari Parker, Duke


If there’s one thing the Bucks desperately need it’s offense. According to Basketball-Reference, Milwaukee’s top scorer is Brandon Knight (15.2 PPG) and they currently rank last in overall offensive rating.

Drafting forward Jabari Parker would immediately alleviate their offensive woes, providing a constant threat from both the perimeter and inside taking the scoring pressure off of O.J. Mayo and Brandon Knight.


Orlando Magic: Marcus Smart, Oklahoma State


Jameer Nelson’s long career with the Magic is coming to an end, as the veteran point guard can be bought out for only $2 million next season.

With Marcus Smart planning to enter the 2014 draft, there’s no doubt Orlando will have the star point guard on their radar, showing interest in him last season.

Pairing Smart and Victor Oladipo together would form one of the most intimidating and defensive minded backcourts in the league, something I’m sure GM Rob Hennigan’s already envisioning.


Utah Jazz: Andrew Wiggins, Kansas


Even though Gordon Hayward is currently listed as a small forward, sliding him over to shooting guard seems more than plausible in order to fit Andrew Wiggins into their lineup.

Wiggins’ unparalleled athleticism could inject a ton of energy into a slow paced Jazz roster that currently ranks 27th in pace according to Basketball-Reference and also give them a huge boost on the offensive end.


Sacramento Kings: Aaron Gordon, Arizona

aaron gordon

The Kings have struck out badly on power forwards in the draft (Jason Thompson, Thomas Robinson), but Aaron Gordon is simply a can’t miss prospect that slides in perfectly next to DeMarcus Cousins.

Though limited offensively, Gordon would supply Sacramento with a defensive juggernaut to help protect a porous frontcourt that ranks dead last in defensive rating according to Basketball-Reference.

If you don’t believe my claim of Gordon being a stud on defense or haven’t heard about it, check out this video by ESPN:


Philadelphia 76ers: Julius Randle, Kentucky


There’s so many positions the Sixers need to fill, but with Wiggins and Parker already taken I opted to choose freshman phenom Julius Randle.

It’s clear as day veterans like Thaddeous Young and Spencer Hawes are as good as gone by the end of the season, so with the need for another player in their frontcourt why not choose a skilled postman like Randle?

Pairing Randle and Nerlens Noel together is a match made in heaven. With Randle handling the team’s inside offense (Noel’s biggest weakness) and Noel protecting the rim with his insane shot blocking ability (Randle’s biggest weakness) the two along with MCW would be a young force to reckon with for years to come.

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