Worst of the Worst NBA Awards for the 2013-2014 Season

By Evan Caulfield on March 12, 2014

most disappointing

As we inch closer to the end of the regular season, it is customary for most websites to celebrate individual’s most crowning achievements and hash out a list of predictions for top awards before the start of the postseason.

However, nobody has yet to commemorate this year’s biggest disappointments including players or personnel who have failed to make a positive impact for their respective team.

It may be a bit negative to put these people under fire, but it’s only fair that the worst of the worst receive equal recognition to their counterparts the best of the best in this dismal award ceremony that exclusively points out disappointments and headscratchers.


Most Disappointing Player, Anthony Bennett

Calling Anthony Bennett disappointing would be an understatement.

The Cavs’ No. 1 overall pick in the 2014 draft ranks 20th in points per game out of all fellow rookies and has an atrocious PER of 6.9 which is nearly 8 under the league average.

The last No. 1 pick to do this badly was journeyman Kwame Brown, who’s not even in the NBA after recently being waived by the 76ers.


Worst Coach, Larry Drew

How to guarantee the Bucks will lose a lot of games: Start Zaza Pachulia over your franchise center Larry Sanders, limit minutes to promising young players like Henson and Antetokounmpo and designate O.J. Mayo to a bench role.

Unfortunately, these are all decisions head coach Larry Drew has made during his confusing and forgettable tenure with Milwaukee. And you wonder why they own the NBA’s worst record at 13-51.


Worst Executive, Joe Dumars

Dumars knows he’s as good as gone, after a source told Bleacher Report he’ll either step down or get replaced by someone new once this season commences.

What amazes me is how the Pistons GM still blames Detroit’s dismal economy and the restraints he had while the franchise was up for sale as the reason for the team’s poor performance.

My message to Dumars: You signed Josh Smith to a contract no one in the right mind would consider reasonable. You thought a big 3 of Smith-Monroe-Drummond would work together even when everyone said it wouldn’t. Own up to your mistakes and stop blaming others.

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